Unfortunately, if you no longer know your personal, self-chosen OK code, we can’t do much for you. That’s because we do not know your code either. You will need to re-enable the OK app.

It's wise to first freeze your OK app. You can do this right now. 

[Freeze my OK app]

By doing this, you will ensure your data is kept in your OK account. Your OK app is now no longer useful. Now, you can only re-enable him.
If you suddenly remember your OK code, you can reactivate your OK app with the same mobile number. During activation, you can restore your old OK account. You can do this only 1 time and you will need your old OK code to do this.
If you think you will not remember your OK code, you have to install the OK app again. You need to make a new account, since your old OK code isn’t working anymore. 

Heeft u het antwoord gevonden?